Art Commissions


From custom logo work to apparel designs and even personalized paintings - Ugly Rabbit Apparel and artist, Amanda Olson, are here to help with your creative needs. 

Graphic design background with vector based artwork, digital painting and design, screen print and HTV production, fine arts and more. 

Logo & Apparel Design:

Logo designs are created specifically for the individual rabbitry / caviary or organization as needed. Clip art or pre-made artwork is not used and each element is designed with the client in mind. Artwork can be production ready for screen printing, HTV, embroidery needs and more. All logo and apparel designs are sold with working files and JPG, PNG, PSD. Specific file needs can be accommodated. 

Painting, Ink, and Colored Pencil Art:

One of a kind is the goal, from rainbow coated Angora Rabbits to flowing coats of gold metallic adorning a stunning Peruvian cavy. Each animal is so wildly different, and so are the beautiful hearts that raise and exhibit them. Custom artwork is available on very limited basis.  

Event Awards

Make your event stand out with creative and out of the box awards! Painted panels, colored glassware, imprinted apparel, the list goes on! Maybe what your event needs has never been made before - challenge accepted! 

Award bundles (multiple awards purchased in bundles of 6 items or more) will include complimentary gifts for the judges of your event. 



Currently Booking - Availability is limited to 2 additional clubs


Currently Booking - Availability is limited to 1 additional club

To find out more information about custom artwork, please email: