Logo Design

For Rabbitry & Caviary

Occassionaly we are able to open up our schedule for logo designs for personal Rabbitry and Caviary use. These designs are custom made to the individual's needs and can be later made into apparel and more. Logo design does take a few weeks start to finish, especially for more intricate designs.

Please note - This is ONLY for Rabbitry and Caviary use logos. If you are a club, business, or other group interested in logo design - please check out our Art Commissions info or even drop us an email.

Logo price for rabbitry / caviary design is currently $350.00. Half is due upfront to start any work with the balance due upon completion of the design. The remainder will be invoiced, and no artwork will be sent out until the design is paid in full. 


OR - Save $50 by paying for your design in full upfront! 

Start your logo today!

Thank you to those who have allowed us to represent your rabbitry or caviary! Here are just a few we have had the opportunity to create: