Pre-Logo Design for the Rabbitry or Caviary (How To)

You have your rabbitry or caviary (or maybe a combo of both), you are excited about showing and the future and want to rep your passion everywhere with a logo...right? Ok so maybe you didn't follow this exact path to your logo, but here are some things to consider before moving forward with your design and / or designer (ahem, here is how to help you save money on your logo design as well as how to make your designer less frustrated in the future).

MUST HAVES: These are kind of needed in order to get a logo:

  1. A rabbitry or caviary name

  2. General idea of what you are wanting in your logo

  3. To figure out how or where you plan to use your logo

  4. Your budget

Rabbitry & Caviary Name

Your Rabbitry or Caviary name is the name you want your herd / breeding adventure to be known by. This name can be abbreviated for prefix purposes on pedigrees and breeding records (for example: Mustard Seed Rabbitry may show on pedigrees as MSR / MusSeed / MSeed, etc). This name can be as simple as using your own name, street or city name, or as advanced as a created word or term to identify your barn. This choice is yours and cannot be expected to be provided to you by your designer. Come up with a list of choices, play around with them on paper and see what works best for you! Once a name is decided, here is your homework: make sure your chosen rabbitry or caviary name is not currently in use. This is a simple task that may require checking a few avenues out. No biggy, here are some suggestions:

  • Check with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) to see if a registered name already exists that matches your chosen name

  • Do a web search to see if your chosen name is already in use

  • Search on social media for any pages or posts that may be using your chosen name

  • Ask your parent breed club (if they hold a list of rabbitry / caviary names)

Helpful hints with names:

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE! The Fluffiest Bunny In The Planet Is My English Spot Rabbitry obviously is a mouthful...and a bit much to handle in any capacity (pedigrees, logos, etc). Keep your rabbitry or caviary name simple.

  • Avoid using trademarked, registered, and copyrighted names. Just because it may seem cool, Nike Rabbitry may actually invite a cease and desist notice from Nike Corporate (used in this blog purely as an example)

  • IT DOES NOT NEED TO END WITH RABBITRY OR CAVIARY! Your name can be just that - a name. It does not have to end with rabbitry or caviary at all, infact your name doesn't even need to end with anything. Herds such as Potter, Chu, and Eden are perfect examples of this.

  • Consistency - keep your name consistent. A very disturbing trend lately is changing up the rabbitry or caviary name with each new breed or species addition, change of season, year, etc. This doesn't help build your name legacy, infact it helps confuse folks to who you are.

  • If you plan to register and grand rabbits or cavies under your chosen name, keep in mind that the ARBA does have a letter limit on names. Using a prefix will certainly help in reducing a longer or larger name when it comes to paperwork.

General Logo Idea

What would best represent YOU, your herd, and your passion in unison? What colors do you personally like? What are logos, art pieces, images, advertisements that you gravitate towards? Basically - what is your style? This is so very important to the logo design itself and often the biggest struggle in the design process. You do NOT have to have your entire design planned out (unless you want to, then bravo and move on!), but having a general idea of what you like and what you want to represent you is important. Remember that your designer is not a mind reader and hearing statements from clients such as "just make a bunch of designs and I will know what I want when I see it" is an excellent way to get hit with additional art fees or even getting fired by your designer. Make out a list of likes, search online for logo designs and just see what sparks some excitement for ya and be as clear as possible with your likes and dislikes.

A helpful suggestion : create a folder on your computer and as you come across something that you are interested in - save the image to that folder. This helps you save your ideas to one space which will help with referencing back to later. I personally do this as an ongoing practice with Pinterest and the web, saving designs and art that inspires. Sometimes it's just the font that was used that you like, maybe the colors, or even how everything comes together. Save those and share during the design process.