Testing...testing...1, 2, 3....

Greetings from a warm studio on this beautiful summer day! So excited to share the newest shirts, created in partnership with an amazing supplier and production company that is enabling my full color art to come to life! So thank you!

Y'all - this year is no joke! Each day is a new wave of "what in the world?!" as we scroll through our newsfeeds on social media or listen to new briefings. So many friends and loved ones have expressed their unsettled feelings about the future - not only with their rabbits and cavies but just in general. Extreme heaviness is abounding...but what can help? Watching as clubs band together to host online shows (ok, so they really are photo contests - but come on, let some folks experience some joy!) has probably been one of the more uniquely creative outlets and events to behold. From simple, complimentary events to tailored and professionally executed grand paid entry events - each show has brought some giggles, a chance to learn as you are able to see the judge's responses typed out, and of course....drama. Drama seems to try and creep into entirely too much. Let the dramatics have their moment while the others enjoy the happiness from their events and maybe we will all get along.

With in-person events pretty scarce currently due to ongoing COVID shut downs and restrictions to RHDV2 limiting animal movement, 2020 has kinda sunk it's teeth in a bit. But, it can't bring down this community. Far too many are coming together to hold eachother up and to help grow and develop new ways of living with health and biosecurity in mind.

This first blog will be a short one, but just need to say this: keep your chin up. I know it's super cliche and overly positive - but in all seriousness right now we each need to find that strength inside to hold our heads up to keep those chins up. We can do this, even with the world upside down and all forms of topsy turvy.


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