Warp Speed

This month seems like it is in warp speed already. So very much art to continue working on, large doses of hope and love being felt by so many, and the dream of one day all being at a show again together. Spring National hopes are being felt, convention wishing and planning has certainly begun, and in the midst are the vendors working on orders to try to help all events run smoothly and look amazing.

The living room has become a makeshift painting and drawing space to be able to soak up as much light as possible coming from the big window. While the large painting seen in this photo is private and cannot be shared until later, small little fun doses are making their presence known! The Reversibles are quickly becoming a personal favorite as each looks so wildly different from their represented breed of rabbit.

These silly little bunnies bring the biggest smiles. Friends have shared that they feel the Dutch has a Phantom of the Opera feel to him. What do you think?

While a large amount of the artwork created by Ugly Rabbit Apparel is often bright colored, hyper sparkle and bling - these are actually painted in matte and their coats, color, and style almost feel foreign to me (Amanda). Standing only 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide, and in need of support from a wooden easel that they each have - these canvas panels may just need to stay here a while and maybe inspire some additionally unique and not so vibrant creations in the future.

The groundwork has started for the MARCS 2020 Rabbit Exposition Best In Show winner's artwork. Very excited to see these 4 animals come to life! They will be a fun challenge and one that may just very well need a metallic touch to help bring some sparkle to life. Each owner has requested a naturally painted animal with a selected background color or ombre. From gold and purple to silver and navy, even a purple ombre!

Here is to the next chapter. Figuring out the next steps, which for me is never easy. Trying to balance apparel with art, animals with whatever the world has in store. I am so very excited for the future in just finding new and creative ways to share this crazy love for these animals!

So Darling, here is to the next step forward. To the adventure ahead and the journey yet to come.